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Urca Trading: renewable energy with the best cost-benefit

Since 2018, Urca Trading has been operating in the energy business from short to long term, and implementing structured operations backed by energy.

With a highly specialized team and tailored products, its clients are medium and large companies that seek to purchase energy according to their needs, with much more freedom, sustainability and savings.

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As an energy trader, we believe in a free market, where companies can choose their supplier freely, economically and sustainably.

Don’t waste time! If you want your company to receive cleaner and cheaper energy, join Urca now!

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Our numbers

By carrying out the largest carbon credit operation in the country, Urca Trading helped UTE Prosperidade III become the first carbon neutral thermoelectric plant in Brazil.


6,800 GWh traded since 2020


+ R$950 million in energy contracts


Largest carbon credit operation on the market


2.3 million tons of CO2 voluntarily canceled

Our values


We are clear, transparent and truthful in business. Our relationship is based on respect and trust with partners, employees, customers and the society.

Our values


In everything we do, we strive for excellence and efficiency. We act with simplicity, agility and make assertive decisions to bring positive results to everyone we interact with.

Our values

Boldness and resilience

Challenges move us and we are always looking for new opportunities, investments, businesses and solutions. We are not afraid to take risks. With each project, we learn and evolve. With each experience, we adapt to new situations. We don’t give up until we find the best result.

Our values

Owner attitude

We take care of the business as if it were our own. We work responsibly to ensure the best delivery, contributing to the evolution of the company as a whole.

Our values

We are restless

We provoke people about Brazil’s energy future and consumption habits, constantly seeking evolution.

Our values

Passion for the cause

We believe that it is possible to combine good business and environmental protection. Our work contributes effectively to companies, society and the country.