We are committed to ESG principles from portfolio to business management

Urca Trading is building a sustainable legacy for future generations. For this reason, we develop policies and protocols for action in the environmental, social and governance areas, allowing alignment between employees, suppliers, shareholders and the communities in which we operate. All of this to positively impact the environment and the society.

Just like Urca Energia Group, which joined the Global Compact, proving its commitment to acting in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Urca Trading is also committed to universal principles in the areas of work, human rights, environment, governance and transparency.

After all, respect for the environment and relationships with employees, customers, suppliers and the society as a whole is one of Urca Trading’s non-negotiable principles.

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ESG Committee

Formed by a multidisciplinary team, with professionals from the areas of HR, governance, commercial, operations, finance, engineering, shared services and independent consultants, the ESG Committee establishes, implements and acts as guardian of goals and challenges established by the company’s code of conduct, measuring its impacts in the environmental, social and governance areas.

Each policy has an implementation and training plan as part of the Integrity and Compliance Program, to ensure alignment with all employees.

In addition to governance instruments, other initiatives are under development, which are:

ESG Materiality Matrix

Launched in 2022 for Gás Verde and then expanded to the other companies in the Group, it has a partnership with NINT (formerly Sitawi), the largest ESG consultancy and assessment company in Latin America.

Emissions Inventory

Mapping of emission sources with quantification, monitoring and record by Urca Trading. Submitted to the GHG Protocol, the largest GHG emission verification program in the world, it has a partnership with BlockC, Brazil’s largest company in carbon projects.

Sustainable Investment Plan

Impartial recommendations on priorities and opportunities for social investments and tax incentive laws. To achieve this, we have a partnership with Instituto da Criança, an organization specialized in the management, implementation and support of social projects.



Urca Trading Energia invests today to transform the energy of the future.

We believe that it is possible to do great business without neglecting the preservation of the environment.

Therefore, we sell clean energy (with a certificate that guarantees the renewable origin), and we defend a free market, where companies can choose who they want to buy their energy from, with much more freedom.



The best way to leave a legacy for the future is to invest in social today

The Urca Energia Group supports, through Gás Verde, one of the group’s companies, the Nova Iguaçu FC social project, an initiative that serves 330 children and adolescents free of charge from various locations in Baixada Fluminense, in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

This project promotes practice, sport’s values and offers physical activities, medical and psychological care, and food, meanwhile integrating the benefiting families.



We are certified by Great Place to Work (GPTW), which recognizes our company as an excellent place to work based on the validation of our employees

This recognition is the result of Urca Energia Group’s efforts to ensure that its teams’ rights and duties are respected, as well as to ensure that our values ​​and codes of ethics and conduct are transmitted with clarity and transparency.


Code of Ethics

Standards of conduct that guide the actions of our team (in Portuguese) Download document

Anti-corruption policy

Standards, practices and guidelines that guarantee integrity and ethical behavior in our work relationships (in Portuguese) Download document

Reporting Channel

Internal channel for employees to register complaints, anonymously and securely

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